Hosted IP Phone System

It’s a business communication platform that leverages the cloud, to deliver crystal clear voice quality to your phone but also delivering enhanced services for team collaboration such as screen sharing, group video, presence, file sharing, & Mobile Apps.

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To Choose Radiant Hosted Phone System
  1. Value over comparable systems
  2. Ultra-Secure MPLS Network
  3. HD Audio
  1. Single Unified platform
  2. Completely managed by Radiant
  3. Across Canada and the US

Works with Microsoft Teams & Office 365

Radiant offers integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams so you can supercharge your Microsoft Teams experience and don’t have to have two separate communications platforms.

Radiant bridges the gap between your office phone and Microsoft Teams. Make and receive calls just like your desk phone, move calls from your desk phone to Microsoft Teams, answer calls from your desk on Microsoft Teams and so much more.

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