Online Access to Fine Tune Your Security

Radiant’s UTM Controller is the heart of the solution in that this is where you control the level of security. You can opt for standard global restrictions to adult content, social media, and video, but also fine tune for greater granularity.

Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware

Stop viruses, malware infections and other malicious content.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

Detect and block intrusions and attacks. Discover vulnerabilities and take action to remediate.

Web Content Filtering

Block undesirable web content, prevent access to harmful websites, and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Application Control

Identify the applications on your network, and gain control of their use.

FortiGuard Security

More than 200 researchers provide around the clock coverage to ensure your network stays protected.

Automatic Updates

The service is updated automatically, protecting your business from new and emerging threats.

Cloud-Based Service

No hardware to purchase, support, or manage. Use a simple web interface to customize filtering and protection.

UTM Analytics

An essential add-on provides logging, reporting, security alerts and real-time analysis.