Radiant's Customer Portal

Radiant’s Customer Portal supports your in-house IT staff with the tools necessary to quickly access information needed to monitor your network effectively. With the Portal, you get full transparency with respect to network status and performance.

The Customer Portal includes a real-time Live Stats view of all your locations visually displayed on a Google™ map, colour coded for instant network status visibility. See which locations are up (green), down (red) or on secondary circuits (yellow). Click on a location to see more details including quick links to any trouble tickets or view Radiant’s total network site status to see if there are any broader regional issues.

The Customer Portal provides an easy to use interface to create and manage your tickets. You can create new support tickets and get 24x7 ticket status updates to all your current and historical master and site ticket details. You can add your own notes to the tickets and request responses from our technicians. No need to call us for updates. That means you don’t waste valuable time waiting for information.

Direct access to your billing information is also provided to allow you to quickly find and view your most recent balance and payment history or securely download invoices in PDF or excel format.

Radiant's Customer Portal includes:

  • Google™ map view of your network status in real-time
  • Integrated dashboard with real-time overview of recent tickets and status
  • Easy search and filter to drill down to current and historical global, regional and site ticket details
  • Email alerts with status updates for tickets you choose
  • Traffic and router statistics
  • Create your own trouble tickets and get ticket status updates
  • Secure access to your billing Information to view your balance and payment history