Radiant + Netapp + VMWare + Cisco. The top cloud computing service in Canada.

Netapp just released the case study on Radiant’s AlwaysThere cloud computing platform. It’s posted up on the Netapp/Cisco/VMWare site dedicated to the 3 vendor’s joint solution for cloud computing infrastructure. There’s some great information in there about Radiant cloud services and why we selected these vendors.

What you don’t see in the case study is why Radiant customers should care. Isn’t cloud computing all about NOT knowing what’s under the hood and just leaving that to the service provider to sort out?

We don’t necessarily think so. While our customers come in all sizes, Radiant cloud computing customers generally all have a couple of things in common:

1) They are concerned about the security model of moving important data “into the cloud”.

It doesn’t matter if this is a small customer buying one Virtual Server or a larger enterprise moving an entire segment of their infrastructure to a Virtual Datacentre they can slice as they wish. They like that there is virtually no difference security wise between this infrastructure residing at Radiant versus having it inside their walls.

This is especially true when you use Radiant’s connectivity products to connect your office(s) with your Radiant Virtual Datacentre.

For the really technical readers, check out the Netapp video below about secure multi-tenancy. This is how we ensure our customers’ data is completely isolated from each other.

2) They need to understand the guaranteed service levels

They expect the infrastructure to be more available than running it in house and they want that in the form of an SLA. Any service provider can give you an SLA (amazingly most still don’t). It helps when you know the SLA is backed by the 3 biggest cloud infrastructure vendors out there.

3) They want to be self-sufficient but also want someone to pick up the phone when they have a question.

Giving your customers tools they are already familiar with makes them much more productive. How better to do that than providing tools from the vendors with the largest install base?

By showing our customers and prospects what we use under the hood, that it’s the best solution money can buy, it feels less like a hazy cloud and more like a cloud they can trust.

Another way to look at it is this:

What infrastructure would you WANT if you were building a private cloud computing platform in-house? VMWare/Cisco/Netapp would more often than not show up at the top of the list. Depending on your size, after the budgeting discussion was over it may or may not still be at the top.

The main benefit of cloud computing shouldn’t always be the “cheaper” argument. If that’s the message your service provider is pitching, they are missing the point.

The real promise of cloud computing is providing the customer with the best service available (usually better than they could deliver in-house), delivered cost effectively (alright, cheaper). Better service for less money!

By the way. Our Microsoft Hosted Exchange service is also delivered on top of this infrastructure….

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