247 Billion Email messages are sent every day. 81% of them are spam and viruses. – From the  Radicati Group for 2009.

Does it matter who handles your spam and virus protection? Can you keep up with it using in-house IT resources? Should you even try?

Gartner recently updated their Magic Quadrant for the secure email gateway market. For 2010, Cisco Ironport was positioned as the leader in the enterprise market for secure Email gateways or enterprise spam and virus protection.

For those not familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, it is a tool for comparing competitors along two criteria:

  1. Completeness of Vision
  2. Ability to Execute

Companies that are strong in both criteria are labeled leaders in the field.  Others fall into the Visionaries, Challengers and Niche Players categories.

As a mid-sized company, who are you using to protect yourselves from spam and viruses? An enterprise solution like Cisco IronPort probably wasn’t on the shortlist for in-house email and spam gateways.

At Radiant, we’ve made the decision to partner with the best technology providers available. Our Microsoft Hosted Exchange offering uses Cisco Ironport for Email security.

Email and Spam filtering for mid-sized organizations is a perfect example of cloud computing being able to provide a better service for less money.

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